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MaltaRent Ltd.

MaltaRent Ltd. was established by the team of professionals to supply the latest digital technology to our clients from the film industry who are encouraged by a versatile landscape of Malta and its strong film legacy. Our knowledge, vast experience and understanding enable us to go beyond simply offering cinema equipment rental in Malta, but rather focus on delivering made-to-measure solutions every time.


Our equipment

Our team is inspired by the latest motion picture technologies and continually invest in new equipment. We stock a wide range of ARRI Alexa family cameras as well as ARRI Amira.  The list of lenses available for rent are ARRI/ZEISS Master Primes and Ultra Primes, Cooke lenses, Angenieux zooms and Carl Zeiss prime lenses and zooms. We use ARRI accessories for the cameras, Bebob batteries, O’Connor and Sachtler tripods and various accessories to satisfy all your needs. All equipment is in stock and in excellent condition.


Our services 

Strong and reliable relationship with international suppliers is a source of our special pride. It enables us to offer equipment rental not only in Malta but also in Europe. We provide a safe and the fastest equipment delivery to all European countries.

We are pleased to fulfill all your requests every single time you choose us as your production partner. Our company offers assistance in equipment testing and technical training for the new equipment etc.

Our highly knowledgeable technicians will finalize the list of the requested products so we can guarantee that every time you hire the equipment from us you get all obligatory accessories.


Have a good shoot!





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